Thursday, February 5, 2009

So y'all enjoy this bloggin stuff?

Ok...I have no idea who I'm typing this to. Don't know where it'll show up, who'll see it and probably won't be abel to figure out if anyone replied.... Heck, can you even reply to this? Shellie insisted that I join the bloggin' community. So here I am.... anyone out there? She even set up my ... what's it called... sorta like my home page. I finally figured out where to change my settings at... I changed my "title" 5 times.... I really wanted it to be "So why do you care what I have to say?" But thought y'all might see that as rude. Anyway, I finally changed it to "For Real" 'cause that's what you'll get.... Me - Really. Hmmmm what eslse to say? Perhaps I should hit that orange "Publish Post" button and see what happens. After I get used to this thing, I'm sure I'll enjoy it. By the way...I saw where I had only one "follower" - and of course it's Shellie. So I'm guessing she'll tell me how to get more "followers" (which sounds so funny) and how I can become other people's follower. And why am I doing this.... I don't even like computers.... Hey, but I do like people....Maybe that's the hook. Any limit to how many words I can use? Ok...I'll hit that orange button now....


  1. This is exactly why I wanted you to blog. Red, you are way too much fun not to share. Stick around folks, this should be interesting.

  2. Hey Mrs. Rhonda,

    I just wanted to thank you personally for your affirmation and for being so kind as to put us on your prayer list at church. Lake Providence is apparently a praying town! Thank you again, and by the way, I'm loving your are way too funny and should keep this up :).

    With Love,

  3. Blogging is not a one time thing, dear one. We need more of your zany, wise, (okay, even wierd) thoughts. Come now...

  4. Never thought I would be a blogger, but I have been at it for less than a year, I have 17 followers and lots of followers who don't admit it. It is really fun. Check out my site any time. I would love to have you!!! Carol